Halloween gift

Happy Halloween! To celebrate this day of ghosts and goblin and witches and more, my novella Don’t Lose Your Head has been free on Amazon for a few days, and it will continue to be free through tomorrow. Here’s the cover:

Don't Lose Your Head cover

It’s a horror story with a ghost haunting another character. I won’t say why the ghost is doing the haunting, as I don’t want to give that part of the story away. But I will give away a small part of the story, as here’s an excerpt…

Alan ran away, the slaps of his rapid footsteps bouncing about the canyon-like room. The only exit he could see was the opening with the strips of clear plastic, where Gottlieb had pointed before. Why wasn’t there a door to the outside? And a car in the parking lot?
         More footsteps resounded with his—along with the roar of the artist coming after Alan: “Class is in session! Follow your dreams, Alan! They know vaht’s right for you!”
         The plastic strips clattered as Alan thrust them to the sides and rushed into the next room. Cold air wrapped its arms around him. His breath burst out in jets of cloud.
         Pig carcasses had chains coming out of their mouths, and the chains were looped on hooks at the ceiling. The carcasses were enormous, cow sized, and there were many of them in the room. Without any skin, the muscles of the pigs were evident. Ready to be sliced into chops and ribs and bacon and various remainders collected into sausages.
         Alan moved between the carcasses. At least he could hide behind the carcasses—except for his feet, since the pigs didn’t reach all the way to the floor. His desperate eyes scanned the walls for a door that led to freedom.
         The soft clatter of plastic signaled Gottlieb’s arrival in the room.
         “Here, piggie piggie!” Gottlieb called. “Come out, come out, little piggie! I vill huff and puff and blow the house down!”
         A blast hurled through the room, like an icy winter wind off the ocean. The carcasses swung violently on their hooks. The chains clinked. Alan feared the pigs would fall, and then he would be a clear target for Gottlieb. But the dead pigs didn’t fall. They swung like frantic pendulums of grandfather clocks that couldn’t stand the length of a second any longer and sped up, making time sprint forward in a sickening pace, the world teetering on its axis, the floor tilting as if a giant had picked up the world and angled it, making Alan slide across the floor of the slaughter room.

Want to read more? You have through tomorrow to swoop over to Amazon and pick up a free e-book. I hope you enjoy the story, and I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!


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