photo of Dave Williams

I fell under the spell of books when I was growing up and working in my grandparents’ bookstore: Gingerbread Square Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware—a small coastal town that gets swarmed with tourists in the summer months. When I began reading books, I was transported to another place, the world the book conjured for me. For me, it was magical.

Now in my 40s, I still feel this way. The ability of an author to pull you into his or her story is truly magical. When I thought of what kind of jobs I could possibly be interested in when I eventually became an adult, I wanted to be one of those people who was able to make that magic happen for readers. And I still do.

Along the way, I’ve found the act of creating is also a kind of magic. When I write, I often fall into the story, and it’s a rush that I’ve come to seek out, one that I’ve become addicted to. That rush doesn’t happen every single time I write, and those days are ones to be pushed through. Frustration is also a part of the process, which makes me value the days when writing clicks well.

I live in Maryland with my wondrously supportive wife, Sue, and our two teenaged daughters: Tess and Molly. Both of whom hope to become writers when they grow up. It’s been a joy to watch them fall in love with the magic of books, from when I read to them, to consuming a great deal of books on their own. When it comes to writing, their short stories are imaginative and fun, and I eagerly look forward to reading the longer stories they will eventually write.

If you’d like to send me a note, please do so at davewilliamsauthor (at) gmail (dot) com.

You can find my flash fiction, drawings, and photos on my older blog, Zooky World (the name came from wanting an easy-to-remember word, as I couldn’t think of another way to describe the various things I posted on the blog).


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